Sports betting exchanges cash-out system

The leading name in the realm of betting has taken the initiative by becoming the first company to implement the cash-out system option. This feature, allowing bettors to salvage some of their stake or potentially secure a profit when a wager seems to be heading south, garnered rapid acclaim. It spurred many, if not all, other bookmakers to develop their own early wager settlement mechanisms. If you’re enticed by this concept and wish to seize the opportunity, peruse our list of top bookmakers facilitated through the agent we offer, and make your selection.

Powered by Betfair, Orbit x initially introduced this concept also innovated by introducing the “Partial Cash Out” option, precisely because the idea gained widespread adoption across the industry. The result was the same as before, with the new option swiftly embraced by the entire betting sector.

The introduction of the auto Cash Out option has taken this practice to a new level. This is good news for bettors as it’s only a matter of time before this feature becomes widely popular.

In fact, casinos that do not currently offer any form of cash-out option could lose business. It has now become a necessity.

What is a cash-out system?

A cash-out system allows gamblers to recoup a portion, if not all, of their initial capital along with a potential profit before an event concludes unfavourably, potentially saving them from a total loss.

For instance, you place a bet on Liverpool winning a match against Newcastle. However, after 80 minutes of play, the score remains 0-0. If the game ends in a goalless draw, you risk losing your entire investment. If Newcastle takes the lead with one goal, your situation worsens. The Betting Exchange Cash Out option steps in to help you recover your stake.

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Partial Cash Out:

This feature allows bettors to reclaim a portion of their stake while allowing the remaining portion of the bet to continue until the event’s conclusion. The precise mechanics may vary depending on the website, but the underlying principle remains consistent. You are provided with a slider that permits you to specify the percentage of your wager to cash out, the resulting payout, and the adjusted potential reward if your bet succeeds.

Self-Cash Out:

This feature gives you complete control over your bet, even if you’re not near a computer or mobile device. In fact, it lets you secure some profit without any real involvement.

To set up an Auto Cash Out, you must have an open Cash Out position in a market. After placing a matched bet, navigate to the active market where you wish to establish an Auto Cash Out and select your preferred profit threshold from the dropdown menu alongside the Cash Out button. This feature provides you with the flexibility to automatically cash out at your chosen profit level on a market.

Exchanges with Cash-Out Possibilities

  • Orbit Exchange:

This platform offers the cash-out option for ongoing bets and operates as a Betfair white label, boasting identical odds, limits, and liquidity. Fortunately, it’s one of the exchanges accessible through our agent, allowing you to capitalise on this opportunity. Thus, having an Orbit Exchange cash out option is truly a boon.

  • BET365:

As one of the pioneers in the market, this second-largest betting site introduced the cash-out option. It can be applied to a wide array of single and accumulator bets for pre-match or in-play markets, spanning sports like football, cricket, horse racing, tennis, and basketball. You can benefit from this feature by creating a genuine BET365 account.

  • Fair999:

This is the newest addition to our bookmaker list, also a Betfair white label and an exchange offering cash-out options on sporting event bets. Please note that this option becomes available on the bet slip only after placing a wager, and it may not cover all markets and events.

  • Betdaq:

Betfair’s direct competitor adds an interesting twist to the routine. While not an innovation, it presents a fascinating addition. When you place multiple bets, it calculates the total amount you would receive if you cashed them all in. This calculation is based on live, real-time markets. Our top betting software also takes this into account, allowing you to benefit from this twist.

Utilizing Betfair’s Cash Out feature, you can lock in a profit or limit potential losses before an event’s conclusion. Betfair computes your current bets’ value in real time based on live market pricing, enabling you to cash out all bets placed on a single market with a single click.

Recent updates on cash-out system:

Cash Out is now available for horse racing win markets in Great Britain and Ireland events. To increase the likelihood of successful Cash Out in rapidly changing markets, the Cash Out quote now refreshes more quickly when races are in progress.

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Important information on cash-out system:

  • Cash Out is available for several Betfair markets.
  • The Cash-Out icon image indicates markets where cash out is permitted.
  • Cash Out may not be an option in markets with limited liquidity.
  • The Cash-Out value represents the minimum amount you would receive from a successful Cash-Out.
  • Cash Out amounts are not guaranteed as they depend on constantly fluctuating live Orbit Exchange Betfair market prices, potentially resulting in more or less than anticipated returns.

The cash-out option has revolutionized the world of betting, providing bettors with greater control and flexibility over their wagers, and it’s now an essential feature offered by reputable bookmakers and exchanges.


1. Do I get my stake back if I cash out?

Ans. Yes, when you choose to cash out a bet, you will receive your original stake back along with any winnings or losses up to that point in the event. Cash-out lets you secure a portion of your initial wager and potentially earn a profit or minimise potential losses before the event concludes.

2. What does confirm before cash out mean?

Ans. Confirm before cash out” is a feature in many betting platforms and apps that requires you to take a deliberate action to finalise a cash-out request. The confirm before cash out step is important because it prevents accidental or unintended cash-outs. It ensures that you are aware of the cash-out value and have consciously chosen to proceed with the cash-out request.

3. Can you cash out a lay bet?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to cash out a lay bet on certain betting platforms and exchanges that offer cash-out functionality.

4. How does partial cash out work?

Partial cash out is a feature offered by many betting platforms and exchanges that allows you to cash out a portion of your bet while leaving the remainder of the bet active. This feature provides greater flexibility and control over your bets, enabling you to secure some profit or reduce potential losses while still maintaining an interest in the outcome of the event.

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